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Enter a Whole New Era of Cash

Sesami helps financial institutions and consumer businesses optimize their cash ecosystem’s performance through a single end-to-end partnership and unique business intelligence platform. Sesami is an open framework for modern cash optimization combining best-in-class devices and managed services, with the flexibility to integrate customers’ solutions and partners as needed.

One Open and Integrated Platform

Financial institutions and consumer businesses will customize the cash management they need, when they need it through a single partner.

Business Intelligence Platform

One holistic view of cash ecosystem performance and reporting.


Our software suite connects customers to their cash ecosystems, tying together services and devices into a unified digital experience.

  • Real-Time Tracking and Reconciliation

  • Predictive Forecasting

  • Ordering and Planning

  • Data Aggregation


Intelligent device options automate, streamline, and track secure cash handling.

  • Industry-leading Cash Automation Devices

  • Customizable Range of Options

  • Configured to Each Customer’s Ecosystem

  • Installed, Managed and Maintained by Sesami

Managed Services

Customers benefit from the flexible and accountable strategic outsourcing of traditional cash operations processes through Sesami’s portfolio of services or their own trusted service partners.

  • Cash Vault Services

  • ATM Installation, Maintenance, and Management

  • Back Office Operations Management

  • Integrated Within the Sesami Platform

The Sesami Program Lifecycle




As a consultative partner, we analyze customers’ cash ecosystems and tailor a custom solution based on their organization’s distinct challenges.



We integrate these custom solutions across a client’s cash ecosystem to create efficiency and enhance performance from end to end.




We take over day-to-day management of customers’ cash operations, allowing these organizations to focus on core business innovation.



Customers gain transparent access to the Sesami platform, enabling unprecedented visibility and predictability of their optimized cash operations.

Best-in-Breed Partners
Power One Network


Sesami welcomes ARCA, a global leader in cash technology solutions and a global market leading manufacturer of teller cash recyclers for financial institutions.

Market Leading Cash Automation Solutions

ARCA is a global leader in cash automation technologies with a reputation for delivering reliable products with the shortest lead times in the market, and a commitment to service excellence throughout the life of its products. ARCA is the world’s second largest provider of teller cash recyclers and related support services, with significant market share in North America and Europe. Financial institutions, retailers and OEM self-service and kiosk manufacturers around the world rely on ARCA products to streamline their cash operations and save time and money, while increasing the efficiency and security of cash.

Deep R&D and manufacturing capabilities

With its talented team, robust product portfolio and impressive global R&D and manufacturing capabilities, ARCA significantly broadens Sesami’s intelligent device offering, deepens its in-house R&D capabilities and further expands its global footprint and client base.

Tidel logo


Sesami has welcomed Tidel, the world’s leading manufacturer of cash management systems and robbery deterrent products.

Secure Cash Automation

Offering the most comprehensive solution for the North American market, Tidel helps financial institutions and consumer businesses secure, automate, and streamline their cash management environment.

Seamless Integration

Sesami and Tidel will ensure a smooth transition for existing Tidel clients and continue to work closely with industry partners, including cash-in-transit and cash processing providers, to consolidate our customers’ cash automation devices to meet their needs across the world.


Gunnebo Cash Management, a category leader in automated cash handling solutions, software, and services for retail, bank, and cash-in-transit companies, has joined Sesami.

Efficient Cash Management

Gunnebo’s offerings include products, software, and services for closed cash handling, cash recycling, and cash deposit, strategically positioned to serve customers throughout LATAM, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Seamless Integration

With Gunnebo’s solutions integrated into Sesami’s platform, financial institutions and consumer businesses will gain a more efficient and secure cash cycle and reduce the cost of handling notes and coins across their entire cash ecosystem. Gunnebo’s existing customers will now enjoy the unique benefits of Sesami’s single end-to-end partnership approach.

Gunnebo logo

Planfocus Software

Sesami has acquired German software company planfocus, a leading fintech offering highly advanced cash optimization technology, an addition that makes us the global leader in cash optimization software solutions.

Cash Optimization

Planfocus’ AI-based software solutions and team expertise empower financial institutions and consumer businesses worldwide to achieve process optimization that brings cost and service efficiencies throughout the cash ecosystems.

End-to-End Technology

When fully integrated into the Sesami enterprise cash ecosystem software platform, planfocus’ software will further enable Sesami to deliver the only true end-to-end tech-enabled cash ecosystem solution to financial institutions and consumer businesses. The integration of planfocus further expands Sesami’s global client portfolio to include some the world’s leading financial institutions and consumer businesses. The integration to its existing technology stack will also expand its cash optimization offering for its existing client base. Currently, planfocus optimizes the operations of over 78,000 bank branches, ATMs and cash processing centers, and driving over 300 billion Euros in physical cash shipments every year.


Sesami has developed a managed services partnership, called OneCash, for the U.S. and Canada, with other strategic partnerships in development globally. The ability to offer our portfolio of solutions and collaborate with leading global operators ensures optimal partnerships in each market for financial institutions and consumer businesses across the cash-in-transit lifecycle.

Strategic Outsourcing

OneCash streamlines and outsources customers’ cash operations to the best fit provider where and when they need the services, all monitored and managed through the single Sesami platform for customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Cash Ecosystem Logistics

OneCash brings the most comprehensive logistical expertise and best-in-class partnerships to securely and efficiently manage customer cash ecosystems through a combination of armored vehicles, deposit processing systems, high-speed currency processing systems, cash vaults, and other cash automation technologies.


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