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For Consumer Businesses

Optimize Your Cash Operations

Today, digital interactions and payments matter more than ever. But as customers continue to interact and transact in the physical world, maintaining cash as an accessible payment option for consumers while driving down the cost and time spent handling cash is a core challenge consumer businesses face.

One Partnership.
One Platform.

Sesami is a single, tenured partner in cash ecosystem optimization, bringing together partner-enabled software and intelligent devices with global strategic outsourcing services. We can fully manage your cash ecosystem to ensure accountability and security at every touchpoint, allowing you to focus on core business innovation and serve your consumer and commercial customers seamlessly.


Let Us Take Care of Your Cash Ecosystem

Sesami takes all cash management operations off your company’s hands from end to end, while optimizing the logistics, equipment, and manpower required for everyday cash tasks. Reducing manual cash handling helps you save on labor costs and give time back to employees for higher-value tasks while ensuring accuracy and security of deposits.


Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Our partner-enabled cash automation devices, including smart safes, POS cash payment devices and cash recyclers, minimize physical cash handling, reduce managerial oversight, and improve customer wait times. With the right intelligent devices for your retail needs, you can reduce cash shrink, improve access to working capital and improve your customer and employee experience.

Business Intelligence

Act on Real-Time Insights

Sesami’s network of best-in-breed device manufacturing partners and local delivery partners work together to offer a comprehensive business intelligence system that continually generates useful data and innovative performance insights. Your devices seamlessly connect to each other and retail location POS systems, feeding into a single software dashboard view that helps you monitor cash levels and cash cycles remotely and with full transparency and optimize your cash collection and processing costs.


Only Get What You Need, Wherever You Need It

Our partnership model enables a highly customizable approach to managing your ecosystem with the right devices and business intelligence for your needs. We’re able to flexibly integrate our solutions with leading cash processing partners in every country and region with global insight and regional nuance.

Get in Touch

Learn more about how a partnership with Sesami can transform your cash ecosystem. Fill out our contact form, and our team will reach out to you to understand your current challenges and begin to tailor a custom solution that addresses those distinct needs.