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The Sesami Platform

The Power of One in Cash Manage­ment

Sesami is a single partner for integrated and dynamic cash ecosystem optimization. Our business intelligence platform brings together best-in-class software and devices, as well as strategic outsourcing services, into a unified cash management approach that integrates across your cash ecosystem, enabling full visibility and accountability at every touchpoint, anywhere in the world that you operate.


Our integrated software stack powers the Sesami business intelligence platform that connects intelligent devices into a single network and gives clear visibility into your ecosystem performance and cash assets.

  • Real-Time Tracking and Reconciliation

  • Predictive Forecasting

  • Ordering and Planning

  • Data Aggregation

Collective Intelligence

Data aggregation across your cash ecosystem powers predictive analytics, helping you identify trends and drive planning, forecasting, and decision making.

Unified View

Get a real-time enterprise view of all cash management and device activities, helping you to track and report transactions, receive timely alerts, and act on performance insights.

Global Flexibility

Configurable business rules and localized requirements ensure the Sesami platform adapts to anywhere you operate in the world.

Intelligent Devices

Our network of best-in-breed device manufacturing partners and local delivery partners work together to offer you customizable and configurable intelligent device options that help you automate, streamline, and track secure cash handling.

  • Smart Safes

  • Cash Recyclers

  • Interactive Kiosks

  • Full Installation, Management, and Maintenance

Full Interoperability

Each intelligent device connects with other devices, Sesami’s software dashboard, and other data sources you may already use to continually generate and interpret useful information, driving innovative performance insights.

Customizable Features

Each device caters to local needs, according to functionality, size of business, and performance requirements. You can set unique business rules, control user permissions and settings, update device language to reflect your brand, and more.

Proactive Upgrades

Enjoy seamless maintenance and updates through Sesami’s commitment to ongoing R&D with oversight from a global team that monitors and enhances the technology from daily learnings.

Managed Services

You’ll gain flexible and accountable strategic outsourcing of traditional cash operations processes through a single partnership, made possible by Sesami’s portfolio of global service partners who have local expertise in every market where you may operate.

  • Cash Ecosystem Services

  • ATM Installation, Maintenance, and Management

  • Back Office Operations Management

  • Sesami Platform Integration

Global Accountability

With Sesami managing your devices, software needs, data, and all vendors for cash operations, you’ll get a single chain of custody for every cash activity from cash-in-transit to cash vault services.

Ecosystem Integration

By choosing a single partner to unify and optimize your entire cash ecosystem, you’ll gain end-to-end control, predictability, and better business decisioning, uncovering unique synergies that reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Personalized Attention

We provide localized care and attention on the ground through SMEs and customer support combined with the business intelligence of a strategic and experienced global partner.

Get in Touch

Learn more about how a partnership with Sesami can transform your cash ecosystem. Fill out our contact form, and our team will reach out to you to understand your current challenges and begin to tailor a custom solution that addresses those distinct needs.